Stakeholder Boards

Stakeholder Advisory Board – Governance: The main objective of pSCANNER’s Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) is to provide input and guidance for active, meaningful and consequential participation of stakeholders, including patients, patient advocates, clinicians, researchers and health system administrators, in pSCANNER activities.  SAB member biographies are available here


Research Co-Design Teams: The goal of the research co-design teams is to develop patient-approved, scientifically rigorous, and feasible proposals that address national health concerns.  The co-design teams will be facilitated by the pSCANNER Patient Engagement Workgroup, using principles of participatory design and community-based participatory research, to develop one or more research studies that address a priority topic identified by the research prioritization panel in Phase I.  Member biographies for the research co-design team specific to heart failure are available here.  Member biographies for the research co-design team for weight management/obesity are available here