Data Sites

There is no centralized common data warehouse that combines or merges data from all pSCANNER organizations. Data are stored, owned and governed by each individual pSCANNER site, and network organizations retain their identifiable data in separate HIPAA-compliant environments. At the moment, each site requires a separate approval process (including IRB review) to conduct clinical research using these data. 



Veterans Affairs Health System





The Veteran’s Affairs Health System operates 151 hospitals and 909 clinic sites.The patients in this system are mostly military veterans and a few family members. The EHR in use is VistA/CPRS.

Salt Lake City Site PI: Scott DuVall
Tennessee Valley VA Site PI: Michael Matheny



University of California Medical Centers

The five medical centers that are part of the University of California Research eXchange (UC ReX) participating in pSCANNER.


University of California Davis


University of California, Davis


The University of California Davis (UCD) health network operates 1 hospital and 77 clinic sites. The EHR system in use is Epic. Site PI: Mike Hogarth


University of California Irvine


University of California, Irvine


The University of California Irvine health network operates 1 hospital and 184 clinic sites. The EHR system in use is Allscripts-Sunrise. Site PIs: Kai Zheng and Lisa Dahm


University of California LA


University of California, Los Angeles


The University of California Los Angeles health network operates 3 hospitals and 300 clinic sites. The EHR system in use is Epic.  Site PI: Douglas Bell


University of California San Diego


University of California, San Diego


The University of California San Diego (UCSD) health network operates 4 hospitals and 142 clinic sites. The EHR system in use is Epic.  Site PI: Lucila Ohno-Machado


University of California San Francisco



University of California, San Francisco


The University of California San Francisco health network operates 1 hospital and 463 clinic sites. The EHR in use is a local instance of EPIC (called ApeX).  Site PI: Mary Whooley



University of Southern California




AltaMed Health Services


The AltaMed network is the largest Federally Qualified Community Health Center in California. It is a non-profit organization that delivers care to underserved communities in Southern California. AltaMed operates 31 clinics and NextGen for the EHR system.  Site PI: Daniella Meeker




QueensCare Health Centers


QueensCare Health Centers is a public charity that provides health care services for Los Angeles county residents. Many of the patients come from densely populated, culturally diverse, and low-income regions. QueensCare operates 6 clinics and use the Sage system for EHR. Site PI: Daniella Meeker


Childrens Clinic


The Children's Clinic


The Children’s Clinic (TCC) is an independent non-profit community health center that provides care to underserved, low-income and high-risk populations of both children and adults. TCC operates 5 clinics. Site PI: Daniella Meeker



USC Keck School of Medicine

The Keck School of Medicine of USC is among the nation's leaders in innovative clinical care, research, and education of future physicians. The school's dual commitments to collaborative interdisciplinary research and rapid translation of scientific findings from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside have proved pivotal in its continuing success in research. Site PI: Daniella Meeker



Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) is the second largest public health care system in the nation. Through its integrated network of 19 community-based clinics and four hospitals, DHS employs over 20,000 staff and has an annual operating budget of $4 billion. The Department’s partnerships with private, nonprofit clinics expands access to quality primary care services at over 100 additional sites across the County of 10 million residents. Site PI: Daniella Meeker



Additional Sites



Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Cedars-Sinai is a large not-for-profit academic medical center located in Los Angeles, California. It has 866 licensed beds, a Level 1 Trauma Center, and a primary service area covering over 3.3 million people. On a typical day, Cedars-Sinai handles 233 patients in the Emergency Department, over 735 inpatients, 18 OB deliveries, 120 operative procedures, 44 CVIC/EP procedures, 4 Level 1 Trauma Patients, 25 acute rehab patients, and over 1400 outpatient visits and procedures. Site PI: Spencer SooHoo.



San Mateo Medical Center

San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) is a division and is collocated with the San Mateo County Health System (SMCHS) campus which has a number of divisions and facilities at this site. SMMC contains inpatient, long term care, emergency services, and outpatient services (both primary care and specialty services). The Medical Center campus is augmented by a number of other outpatient clinics spread throughout San Mateo County. The Medical Center has several EHRs supporting the services we provide. Site PI: Michael Aratow